It’s only too dangerous if you’re Muslim

I feel like I should start this off with a disclaimer (something which, now that I think about it, is sort of meta commentary in itself considered the state of current affairs. Heh.)

Uthman Badar is a very prominent figure in the Sydney/Australian Muslim community, and an extremely controversial one even amongst Muslim. It goes without saying that I disagree with about 90% of whatever he decides to blurt all over his public Facebook at any given time, and the 10% I do agree with is pretty much exclusively his views on ethnocentrism, Islamophobia and colonialism.

But see, this isn’t really about how I feel about Uthman Badar. Nor is it about what Uthman Badar’s┬áradical viewpoints may be, misguided or not.

So today the Australian Media, and the mass of liberal advocates went completely bezerk in regards to Uthman Badar’s proposed topic at the Sydney Opera House for the “Dangerous Ideas” festical. The topic, “Honour Killings are Justified”, has, not surprisingly, rejoiced right-wing conservatives and liberal political activists in campaigning for one common goal. “Dangerous Minds” has responded to the criticism and outrage and has definitively pulled Uthman Badar’s talk from their programme.

I’m generally not inspired to write blog posts about every single hint of Islamophobia I see in the Australian media, because heh, who seriously has time for that? However, I wanted to write about this because I think this event CLEARLY illustrates how deep-rooted Islamophobia is. And most importantly, the fact you don’t have to be a conservative right-wing Christian nut like Fred Phelps, nor an anti-theist overly privileged white dude like Richard Dawkins, to be Islamophobic. Continue reading