[BEDA] Day 2: Idol most likely to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

And so with Day 2 of BEDA, we ask the age old question, which Idol is most likely to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? This was a difficult one, since most of our favourite pretty people are so prepped and micro-managed, I can’t actually imagine any of them being particularly street-smart. But, if we’re to look at everything as a whole, then I would say it’d be…


SHINee’s Minho is essentially only decent at two things: making good face, and being an asshole athletic. The latter quality is what would save him in the face of danger. With his drive to not lose, Minho would outrun and slay those zombies in every game they try and play. Observe:

Flaming Charisma indeed.


[Junsu: Elisabeth] I just felt like this deserved a post of it’s own.

First of all, the stage production for this is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. This entire scene is just so fluid but chaotic, and the way the music crescendos up until the trigger is pulled and then the stage is doused in blackness — I, I just can’t. ;_;

Secondly, Junsu is an amazing performer. The way he carries himself on stage with such confidence, it’s just the sexiest thing ever. If I was ever having bias trouble before this, well, Junsu has regained his number one position has King of my Heart.

Thirdly, well… Come on guys.

(Also, the Big Bang Alive review is coming. I swear.)

[EXO Planet] We Should All Bias EXO

Seriously guys, just give up and bias these guys. I know all we’ve heard is snippets from teasers, but the material we’re hearing in the teasers are far superior than anything SM has given DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD. To be honest, yes, I am spiteful. But at the same time I’m glad — because this means SM still has the knack for creating amazing things. Something which I thought it lost a while ago.

How gorgeous does this song sound? Just that small sound clip in the teaser tugged at my heartstrings. It was hopeful, soaring, passionate, and- I can’t ;_; Too many emotions already. Dude, I can not wait for their full album to drop — because I need to hear these tracks in their CDQ glory. I’m presuming these teasers aren’t completely irrelevant to the song because of the credits at the bottom of the video, and SM can’t troll us that badly.

So far my favourite song is the one seen in Se Hun and Lu Han’s teaser (are all these guys dancers, where’s the singing?), but I’m also really digging ‘My Lady’, the song heard in Kai’s teasers. It sounds so smooth and slow, but not boring slow, sexy slow.

Whilst the other songs aren’t drop-dead stunning like the ones above, you can’t deny that the production quality of these songs are several notches better than that of their seniors. If they’re consistent with this, and we aren’t being trolled, I see an amazing album coming our way. I’m still a bit concerned with how the promotions for both groups are going to go — and I’ve expressed my reservations on Seoulbeats’ roundtable, but I can’t deny good material when I see it. And this is some good material.

As said, I’m still a little bit bitter that SM didn’t give the same material to their senior groups, because yes I do have my biases, and I do like seeing my biases do well. But hopefully this new good material for EXO is a sign of great things to come. Probably not. But a girl can hope.

And Kai… yes, I know. Kai. I’m not mad over it, if anything I find it sort of hilarious. If it’s true that SM are going to release 36 teasers (please don’t be true), then I wouldn’t fret it. We’re going to see the other members whether we like it or not. You guys can all hold on to the flames till until after he actually debuts.

Bias? Yes, it’s Tao. His teaser has no dancing or singing involved at all. And honestly, it’s highly probable that he’s not going to be a good singer, and his dancing is probably going to be limited to ‘hey, I can do the choreography well’. But hey, I’m a sucker for flashy showmanship. And his teaser is the only one that left me actually gawking. So until the teaser for my Jino-bb (yeah, I’m calling him ‘bb’ already) is released, well… Come at me, Tao. Come at me.

Also, 12 members. Please. That should be nothing by now. And look, skinship!!!!

(Also, when is Chen’s teaser going to be shown? The boy can sing!)

[Hyuna and JS: Trouble Maker] Keyboard Smashing

As per the title: awesrdtfygklopdho

So let’s just pretend this and this never happened, and that the official teaser is the only clue we have of the MV (in retrospect, this might be a bad idea considering how amazing teasers tend to be compared to the final result). Can I just say…


Okay, first of all. The concept and idea isn’t anything new. What’s so fantastic though, is the fact they’ve gotten two already established stars, FROM THE SAME COMPANY, and put them together in a sub-unit. They did it with Junhyung and Hyuna before — but this is something else. Hyunseung isn’t a second wheel or anything (though, five bucks says he’s going to become overshadowed by Hyuna), and this is an official subgroup.

The idea of pairing off idols together to create a love line isn’t something new, but the thing is, they rarely ever pair up idols who come from the same company. And the thing is, WHY THE HECK NOT?! Well I know why, because they’re more susceptible to scandals and the like. But honestly, the result you have in the end is worth it. Cube artists in particular, have a-ma-zing chemistry with eachother when they’re performing together.

Maybe it’s because their company is so small and have yet to cash in on the 5000 member group idea yet, but either way, they’re both explosive.

It’s like honestly, 9PM is great, But it has nothing on Super Generation. And what sucks is, Super Generation is rarely cashed in on. They have what? The SEOUL song? They hardly have any stages together — and WHY NOT?! SM Artists are some of the most charismatic on stage around, holy cow. The SEOUL song was pretty much nothing, and I squealed all over it, because I love seeing idols from the same company get cuddly with each other. It’s always fun to watch. It could be from training together for so long, but idols who stem from the same agency just click together. Or it could be the idea of a scandal behind it all, but I don’t know. But honestly, we need more interagency performances and collaborations happening — and not just at family concerts. But I have a feeling the lack of Super Generation stems from the tensions between ELF and SONE, since f(x) has had a fair amount of stages from with the SuJu boys. Probably because the difference between the average age of both is like 7 years?

hnnng Victoria.

Now that I think about it — f(x) gets stages with everyone. Their lack of relevancy in the grand scheme of things does them some serious good. Because I am telling you. Mixed gender stages from the same company are always at least 50% better than other stages of the same quality.

This Hello stage was superior to half of the Hello stage SHINee ever did. Just saying — even though Key sounds horrible. And Amber sounds great (beat Taemin and Minho at their own game), but is wearing pyjamas. And you can’t hear half of them. But it is still better than half of the Hello stages SHINee has done.

And 2NE1 and Big Bang need to get it on, Lollipop was great (unpopular opinion), but it really did neither of them justice.

They need to perform something with the same amount of bang both of them are worth. I’m desperate, I will take anything.

So what I’m saying is this. Cube is amazing, and if other companies know what will sell, then they will all make mixed gender units with their groups too. Personally, I want a 2NEBANG, f(SHINee), DBJH, and Super Generation one.

2NEBANG: T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Bom, and CL.
f(SHINee): Amber, Luna, Key, Jonghyun, Krystal, Taemin (actually, I’d want a 10 member group. Yeah.)
DBJH: Jaejoong, Sunday, Stephanie, Junsu, Yunho
Super Generation: Donghae, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun,  Hyoyeon.

Yesung and Lina need their own mixed gender duo unit. J’saying.

In the end, I want to say this. GO TAP SOME HYUNA HYUNSEUNG.

Today is a good day: SJ’s A-CHA + BEG Teaser

So recently I’ve changed my theme for two reasons.

1) the old one was tiring me.
2) this is more colourful
3) the old one displayed the tags and ‘Super Junior’ was in BIG BOLD letters because they’re pretty much all I write about. *shame*
4) Except um, yeah, no shame.

Predictably, I am going to go and write about Super Junior again. Why? Because I am excited, even though I told myself I wouldn’t be. I can not remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed a Super Junior single without having to make compromises (“well, after 100 listens it’s good.” “well, it’ll be a hit at least.” “well, at least the mv is cute- WHY, YESUNG ARE THOSE BALLOONS FOR ME?”), unless you count Superman- does that count as a single?

Basically, all I’m saying is it’d be really stellar if I could finally unconditionally enjoy a Super Junior song again. And despite the rumours I read on tumblr that their repackaged single would be a cute-fest, after seeing  the promotional images it looks like Super Junior might actually deliver.

Despite the fact it looks like something from a magazine shoot, and Yesung STILL HAS THAT GREASY HAIR- I’m kind of excited. I mean, it definitely isn’t going to be cute which is fantastic. I’m so excited I may even disregard the fact its only been one month and the repackaged is being released seriously SM? how subtle. However, I am still slightly worried, only because the track has been described as a ‘rock based, electro house number’- and nothing against house music or whatever, but SM has a tendency to make songs sound more pro than they actually are. And seeing electro and rock in the same sentence in regards to Super Junior only reminds me of one thing (one thing I’m hoping Super Junior doesn’t have to revisit):

Okay, Perfection wasn’t a bad song. I think people exaggerated by calling it ‘bad’, but it was definitely far from anything I wanted as a lead single. And that pre-chorus is simply demeaning to everyone who sang it. I hope they give Super Junior something with an actual melody now. There are members there who can handle more than a simple melody consisting of Es and Fs over and over again. Not to mention this is officially their last single as a unit- they should go off with a bang.

On the other hand, they might just release another rehashing of ‘Sorry, Sorry’- which would be pretty sad since, really, two singles in a row?

As for the other songs on the repackaged. There’s a collaboration with f(x)- possibly compensation towards the 5-piece girl band since they got the shittiest comeback of all the mainstream SM artists this year. The song is also called ‘Oops!’ so not expecting too much from it. Then there’s the ballad ‘Adante’, which I wouldn’t be too excited for except Henry and Leeteuk composed it, and their last composition was the brilliant ‘All My Heart‘ so I am looking forward to this. And then there’s the song ‘A Day’ which doesn’t sound particularly exciting at all so whatever.

Now onto more relevant things, Brown Eyed Girls have released their first teaser video:

Now this is going to be a stellar song. Now that they’ve established themselves in the industry, they won’t need to pull an ‘Abracadabra’ to fish in the attention- since all eyes are already on them anyway. And how amazing does this song sound so far, it’s this soul/rnb mix, and the girls harmonization kills me. I’m telling you when the new track comes I’m going to fall off the face of this earth. And I’m betting 50 bucks their song is going to wipe the floor with all the other girl group comebacks (from um, a completely musical standpoint.)