Blog Everyday In April (I AM NOT DEAD)

I got my half-yearly results back last week, and needless to say that as a student I am dismal. As a blogger, I am also dismal. However one of the two is about to change (temporarily) and since I have no sense of priority, it’s going to be the latter. Starting from tomorrow I’m going to be participating in the ‘Blog Everyday in April’ Challenge, or BEDA, hosted by McRoth’s Residence. That’s right folks, I’m going to be blogging everyday starting April First, and about the most random topics you can think of. Here’s the list of what’s to come:

  • Boy band member most likely to win a drag queen competition
  • Idol most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • Idol most likely to become a ringmaster
  • Idol most likely to become a hobo
  • Worst live singer: Male Category
  • Worst live singer: Female Category
  • Idol most likely to have gone weeks without a shower
  • Best weave on a man
  • Idol least likely to care about their own music
  • Most likely to become a member of the clergy
  • Idol most likely to trip over air
  • Idol most likely to be mistaken for a mortal
  • Least likely to remember that crazy ass pool party last night
  • Best live singer: Male Category
  • Best live singer: Female Category
  • Band member most likely to cast the Avada Kedavra incantation on their band mates
  • Best at booty popping
  • Cutest OTP
  • Idol most likely to win a poetry slam competition
  • Biggest Troll
  • Idol most likely to go solo
  • Most precious idol
  • Idol most likely to become a frat-boy
  • Most likely to be Regina George
  • Idol who’s the biggest flirt
  • The Head Bitch on Campus
  • Most likely to be friend-zoned
  • Least likely to survive a butterfly attack
  • Least likely to go to Heaven
  • Most likely to become God of their own religion

Anyway, I encourage everyone (belatedly) to participate. It’s going to be fuuun.

In the meanwhile, have some beautiful C-Pop music, courtesy of Vanness Wu and Junho from 2PM.


6 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In April (I AM NOT DEAD)


      I’m going to use this to get over my whole commitment-issue — har har, so yes I am going to blog everyday ;P

      You should participate too! If you don’t have a blog you can just leave your answers in the comments section ;)

      • haha because I know you have commitment issues lol. but it would be a nice surprise if you do blog everyday. So far, I like what I read xD

        I don’t have a blog and I have commitment issues myself so I won’t even try participating so :x

      • I’m doing well so far… even though it’s only been two days. BUT WHATEVAH!

        ooh, you don’t need a blog :o do you have a tumblr? you can use that. or you can just leave your answers in the comments, and we can duke it out >:D

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