[Exo Planet] YYJ Releases a New Single

Whatever. If I was to rank this against Yoo Young Jin’s RnB compositions, it’d be near the ‘meh’ end.

I always knew EXO-K would be more popular than EXO-M, but it sucks more now because EXO-M is obviously hotter.

Okay, snark aside. I’m going to make this short, because I’m really not impressed. I think this is more a teaser over anything, and if so then it’s one of the least impressive ones. Everything about this song is so obviously from YYJ’s womb, there’s nothing about it that makes it special to EXO. And I know you guys probably think I’m in over my head for saying this, since they haven’t debuted yet, but the audio I heard in the earlier teasers really made it sound like these guys had  a good style going on. But ‘What Is Love’ could be sang by any other SM power-vocal group, SM The Ballad, KRY, SHINee, DBSK, and I wouldn’t even blink an eye — but that’s that’s pretty much the deal with most of YYJ’s RnB creations. In fact, I think the latter four bands would do a better job of making it their own. Which although expected since they’re more experienced, is also not wanted because this is meant to be EXO’s song. HELLO? The fact YYJ is literally singing 80% of this doesn’t make anything any better.

On a more positive note, Lu Han is in the running for FAVOURITE. His voice reminds me of a less pitchy version of Ryeowook’s voice, which asdfghjkl, we all know how I feel about Wook’s voice right? It’s like a bell, so striking. Come on Tao, win back your place soon.


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