[EXO Planet] We Should All Bias EXO

Seriously guys, just give up and bias these guys. I know all we’ve heard is snippets from teasers, but the material we’re hearing in the teasers are far superior than anything SM has given DBSK, Super Junior, and SNSD. To be honest, yes, I am spiteful. But at the same time I’m glad — because this means SM still has the knack for creating amazing things. Something which I thought it lost a while ago.

How gorgeous does this song sound? Just that small sound clip in the teaser tugged at my heartstrings. It was hopeful, soaring, passionate, and- I can’t ;_; Too many emotions already. Dude, I can not wait for their full album to drop — because I need to hear these tracks in their CDQ glory. I’m presuming these teasers aren’t completely irrelevant to the song because of the credits at the bottom of the video, and SM can’t troll us that badly.

So far my favourite song is the one seen in Se Hun and Lu Han’s teaser (are all these guys dancers, where’s the singing?), but I’m also really digging ‘My Lady’, the song heard in Kai’s teasers. It sounds so smooth and slow, but not boring slow, sexy slow.

Whilst the other songs aren’t drop-dead stunning like the ones above, you can’t deny that the production quality of these songs are several notches better than that of their seniors. If they’re consistent with this, and we aren’t being trolled, I see an amazing album coming our way. I’m still a bit concerned with how the promotions for both groups are going to go — and I’ve expressed my reservations on Seoulbeats’ roundtable, but I can’t deny good material when I see it. And this is some good material.

As said, I’m still a little bit bitter that SM didn’t give the same material to their senior groups, because yes I do have my biases, and I do like seeing my biases do well. But hopefully this new good material for EXO is a sign of great things to come. Probably not. But a girl can hope.

And Kai… yes, I know. Kai. I’m not mad over it, if anything I find it sort of hilarious. If it’s true that SM are going to release 36 teasers (please don’t be true), then I wouldn’t fret it. We’re going to see the other members whether we like it or not. You guys can all hold on to the flames till until after he actually debuts.

Bias? Yes, it’s Tao. His teaser has no dancing or singing involved at all. And honestly, it’s highly probable that he’s not going to be a good singer, and his dancing is probably going to be limited to ‘hey, I can do the choreography well’. But hey, I’m a sucker for flashy showmanship. And his teaser is the only one that left me actually gawking. So until the teaser for my Jino-bb (yeah, I’m calling him ‘bb’ already) is released, well… Come at me, Tao. Come at me.

Also, 12 members. Please. That should be nothing by now. And look, skinship!!!!

(Also, when is Chen’s teaser going to be shown? The boy can sing!)


2 thoughts on “[EXO Planet] We Should All Bias EXO

  1. The first thing in my mind when Se Hun and Lu Han’s teaser popped out today was, “OH FINALLY, not a dancing KAI teaser” (yes, I am ~amused~ that Kai already has SO many teasers by now, lol)

    But hey, the song is good! And although I still don’t see them actually sing, but this is really a good stuff. I hope SM won’t troll us later. *prays*

    PS. What? 36 teasers?? They should be in world record for the most teasers released, I think xD.

    • lmao — I know, I was shocked to. I was expecting the sun to eclipse and suddenly Kai to appear illuminated, walking out of the shroud of darkness.

      Ah, I know, I wish I could see them sing too! I don’t know who the voice belongs to, but if it does belong to Se Hun and Lu Han, THEN I AM HAPPY.

      (I know, I think it’s a HORRIBLE idea. People are going to end up losing interest in the group eventually T_T)

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