[Wonder Girls: Teasers] I Can Not Handle This

Oh, Wonder Girls. You have got to be one of the most boring KPop groups to ever make it big. This sounds really mean, I know. But here’s the thing; Wonder Girls have not released one interesting single. Most of their songs consist of one hook repeated over and over again, a minimalistic instrumental, they’re just bland to the max. I mean, ironically ‘Tell Me’ and the likes (Two Different Tears, So Hot) try to be preppy, but in the end they fall flat. And I can’t be bothered listening to them after the first two plays. The closest Wonder Girls have come to delivering a high-energy song is probably ‘Nobody’, which worked because it was safe. They brought nothing new to the table– and although one can argue Kpop never brings anything new to the table– with Wonder Girls there’s nothing. I feel like there’s something about Korean Pop music that makes it distinctively Korean Pop. Wonder Girls don’t have that. To me it sounds like they’re rehashing really boring western tunes.

The sad thing about the Wonder Girls is that they do have talent– nothing to brag about– but talent nonetheless. Yeeun and Sunye have gorgeous voices. Yeeun is especially ridiculously powerful, and Sunye has a very pretty tone and is quite great herself. And I know this doesn’t particularly come across strongly because I’m always all ‘SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY, I LOVE YOU, I NEED YOU’ and if not then I’m all ‘OH HEY BOM, WHY ARE YOU IN A BATH TUB?!’, but Sunye is actually a competitor for ultimate female bias. So I really hate how the Wonder Girls fail so badly, because it means Sunye fails so badly. And I just can not handle that.

Since JYP has proven to me with the creation of Miss A, and SOME of 2PM’s better songs, that he can create good songs, I blame Wonder Girl’s redundancy on their stupid fixation on the ‘retro’ concept alone. They’re all gimmick, no substance. And it kills me how their song ‘Tell Me’ took the trophy over ‘Into The New World’ and ‘Break It’. I feel like if ‘Into The New World’ was the song that succeeded, SNSD wouldn’t have felt the need to release to ‘Gee’, and they’d still be on par. And maybe Sunghee’s parents would be astounded my KARA’s success and wouldn’t pressure her to leave the group.

So basically, when the Wonder Girls announced a comeback this year I shrugged it off. Because they’re so… irrelevant to me now. They’re boring. Bland. And although the girls themselves are adorable. They don’t stir anything in me. Even after JYP announced that they wouldn’t be going retro for this promotion, I didn’t care. Because they’d inevitably find a way to screw it up anyway.

In some ways I was wrong, but I may also be right:

This is FANTASTIC! The rocker-chic route they’re going for actually works really well, and they pull it off surprisingly well. It is SEXY. And it’s the sexy that’s right, and they surprisingly fit it like a glove.The setting is as gorgeous as the girls. The dangling lights remind me of fireflies, and the very appropriately placed glowing microphone, and the rogue basement. Everything just ties in so well. And the song sounds solid too. I mean, if that was the hook, I’d be all over it. I was just about ready to jump on the WG bandwagon.

Except it turned out JYP just got really good at making teasers. The second one that actually samples the PROMOTED song, is a lot less amazing.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the ending sounded SUPER retro to me. Like 80s/90s kind. The kind of retro that although cool at the time, is just annoying now. What this is means is that JYP never keeps his promises– and although the concept photos and the MV look fantastic still, I’m not holding out for the actual song anymore. Which is well, kind of a shame, because believe it or not, the song is what I really care about.

Prove me wrong Wonder Girls. Please.


3 thoughts on “[Wonder Girls: Teasers] I Can Not Handle This

  1. The new teaser is okay… nothing special. I think all these Korean girl groups are going for the more edgy feel because they want to to attract the American attention

    • Hmm, true. Although rather than attracting attention– maybe they’re just being influenced my America? Or rather they’ve realised cute is out-ish and are focusing on a new look.

      • Hmm… I won’t say they are being influenced, more like just trying to blend in with the crowd. SNSD’s new edgy and dangerous vibe seems like a good move to me ALTHOUGH I still wish they do the cutesy thing again in the future

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