[Songs That Should Have Been Title Songs] #1: A Man In Love – SJ

Because I’ve realised my blogging is very inconsistent and in most cases I’ve found that I only really blog when I’m angry about something, I’m going to make a schedule of some sorts so I have a reason to blog at least weekly (someone remind me!).

So presenting, the first post of: “Songs That Should Have Been Title Songs”

You know when you’re listening to an album, and you come across a particularly gorgeous song that makes you froth at the mouth? A song so gorgeous you basically just lie on your bed staring at the ceiling going “why? Why? WHY? Why wasn’t this made a title song!” Well, this is for all those neglected title-worthy songs out there.

This particular feature was brought about by my recent disdain for everything SM has had the gull to produce. Starting from Keep Your Head Down, which tries too hard to be epic, and most recently, Super Junior’s A-Cha, which made me want to spill blood. So what a better way than to start off this feature with a song from my favourite-flower-boys/bane-of-my-existence, Super Junior. Heck, this feature could probably be retitiled to “Songs That Should Have Been Super Junior’s’ title song”. But I won’t, because I blog about Super Junior too much already (see: ‘I only really blog when I’m angry about something’).

Okay, let’s kick this off:

You know, apart from the fact Sungmin was half bald, and Kyuhyun was a platinum blonde, this was a pretty hardcore gorgeous concept, y’know? No? Okay.

So, Super Junior is ridiculously vocally weak. Most aren’t good singers. Most aren’t all that talented. And there’s too many of them. And although it makes for good fun to us (what! There’s only 67 members left now, what?), to them it’s probably their biggest hindrance. Argue with me if you want, but I’m one of those few that genuinely believe there are talented members in that band, perhaps even outside of KRY (what? Lies! I know, I know). Not that you’d know from listening to any of SJ’s title songs.

So, they aren’t all the hottest performers around. But that being said, most of them have nice/decent voice tones. Which I know, doesn’t excuse them from being mediocre, but it does mean that SJ are capable of performing songs that require the use of actual vocals. The live performances may be a bit shaky, but I’m willing to deal with that if it means I get a good song in return. That being said…


I really love this song, it’s a great song. The use of percussion, as well as the foreign beats, creates what is one of Super Junior’s most exciting, and addictive songs. And the verses, the vocals during the verses are quick in some cases, powerful in others, and they just flow so smoothly. The same thing can be said about the chorus- with all its appropriate interjections and meaty harmonisation (which by the way, all of them do actually sing the chorus. I know, I was shocked too).

If they had tried to recreate something like ‘A Man In Love’ instead of ‘Sorry Sorry’ the world would have been a much better place. Not to mention it would have made for an exciting live performance, look how pumped up the boys are! And most importantly, listening to this song, you would never know that the majority of them are useless. And that alone pretty much makes the perfect Super Junior song, y’know?

I’d like to see them perform this as eight, just so I could see it performed again for old times sake. A little tweaks in the arrangement and they’re good to go! Of course you need to ignore that knot in your stomach when you watch it and realise, holy cow, Super Show 4 is going to kick off with only 8 members.

Sigh. OT83, am I right folks?


One thought on “[Songs That Should Have Been Title Songs] #1: A Man In Love – SJ

  1. I’m totally agree with you, A Man in Love is just amazing, each time I hear it, I just start to clap and kick….and the performance it’s pretty cool.

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