Today is a good day: SJ’s A-CHA + BEG Teaser

So recently I’ve changed my theme for two reasons.

1) the old one was tiring me.
2) this is more colourful
3) the old one displayed the tags and ‘Super Junior’ was in BIG BOLD letters because they’re pretty much all I write about. *shame*
4) Except um, yeah, no shame.

Predictably, I am going to go and write about Super Junior again. Why? Because I am excited, even though I told myself I wouldn’t be. I can not remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed a Super Junior single without having to make compromises (“well, after 100 listens it’s good.” “well, it’ll be a hit at least.” “well, at least the mv is cute- WHY, YESUNG ARE THOSE BALLOONS FOR ME?”), unless you count Superman- does that count as a single?

Basically, all I’m saying is it’d be really stellar if I could finally unconditionally enjoy a Super Junior song again. And despite the rumours I read on tumblr that their repackaged single would be a cute-fest, after seeing  the promotional images it looks like Super Junior might actually deliver.

Despite the fact it looks like something from a magazine shoot, and Yesung STILL HAS THAT GREASY HAIR- I’m kind of excited. I mean, it definitely isn’t going to be cute which is fantastic. I’m so excited I may even disregard the fact its only been one month and the repackaged is being released seriously SM? how subtle. However, I am still slightly worried, only because the track has been described as a ‘rock based, electro house number’- and nothing against house music or whatever, but SM has a tendency to make songs sound more pro than they actually are. And seeing electro and rock in the same sentence in regards to Super Junior only reminds me of one thing (one thing I’m hoping Super Junior doesn’t have to revisit):

Okay, Perfection wasn’t a bad song. I think people exaggerated by calling it ‘bad’, but it was definitely far from anything I wanted as a lead single. And that pre-chorus is simply demeaning to everyone who sang it. I hope they give Super Junior something with an actual melody now. There are members there who can handle more than a simple melody consisting of Es and Fs over and over again. Not to mention this is officially their last single as a unit- they should go off with a bang.

On the other hand, they might just release another rehashing of ‘Sorry, Sorry’- which would be pretty sad since, really, two singles in a row?

As for the other songs on the repackaged. There’s a collaboration with f(x)- possibly compensation towards the 5-piece girl band since they got the shittiest comeback of all the mainstream SM artists this year. The song is also called ‘Oops!’ so not expecting too much from it. Then there’s the ballad ‘Adante’, which I wouldn’t be too excited for except Henry and Leeteuk composed it, and their last composition was the brilliant ‘All My Heart‘ so I am looking forward to this. And then there’s the song ‘A Day’ which doesn’t sound particularly exciting at all so whatever.

Now onto more relevant things, Brown Eyed Girls have released their first teaser video:

Now this is going to be a stellar song. Now that they’ve established themselves in the industry, they won’t need to pull an ‘Abracadabra’ to fish in the attention- since all eyes are already on them anyway. And how amazing does this song sound so far, it’s this soul/rnb mix, and the girls harmonization kills me. I’m telling you when the new track comes I’m going to fall off the face of this earth. And I’m betting 50 bucks their song is going to wipe the floor with all the other girl group comebacks (from um, a completely musical standpoint.)


2 thoughts on “Today is a good day: SJ’s A-CHA + BEG Teaser

  1. Strictly on an aesthetic basis, I like what I see. I’m in LOVE with Leeteuk (?!) in that photo spread simply because his pose is the fiercest thing ever, in a ‘Posh-Spice’ kind of way *pouts*

    To be honest, a-cha has me on the edge of my seat, even if I can already hear the dumb-down monotonous mess that is the SM style of 2011. Expectations aren’t high here, so we’ll see.

    Jea’s excitement in that teaser drives me nuts. It’s like she knows she’s about to shit on everyone’s biases and their mothers. And all we can do is wait for it to happen. BRING IT!

    And, uh, Perfection is the atrocity of the year. Watchu talking about it not being bad? Mr. Simple is bad, it’s that bad. And that’s putting it kindly.

  2. Super Junior always seems to impress me on an aesthetic basis- I even maybesortareallyliked the 5jib concept photos (don’t tell anyone). This one especially hypes me, because even though I know they’re probably just going to be dancing in an empty room, I have this whole epic music video planned out in which all 10 of them are corporate spies.

    Start slouching a bit, because 8/10 says A-Cha is pretty much going to be another Perfection rehashing. Or maybe a Keep Your Head Down/Perfection rehashing which- oh my. Plus it’s composed by Hitchhiker, the ‘genius’ behind Abracadabra so…

    ngl, the lack of Miryo did dampen my mood a little. BUT I SQUEALED OVER THIS! I’m so glad they aren’t going to resort to Abracadabra again now that they don’t need to. BUT asdfghkl. All other girl group comebacks are rendered irrelevant right now. Seriously. They should just stop trying.

    Perfection wasn’t bad! I mean, I hated it, but I hated it for really petty reasons. Like that stupid pre-chorus which demeaned everyone. But other than that I actually did think the chorus was literally banging. Mr. Simple was bad though, I’ll give you that. >.o

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