[KARA, ‘Step’ Mini Review + Other Irrelevant (But Not Really) Things] I Like This

It’s weird how KARA is one of the few groups this year that hasn’t let me down.

I am really digging ‘Step’, no joke. It’s probably my favourite release from a girl group this year. As much as I appreciated After School’s efforts with ‘Shampoo’, the song got worn out too easily. Why? Simple. It was too pretty, and they played it too safe. There were no highs and lows, no amazing dynamics in the vocals/instrumentals, nothing. It was just a linear song, and even though I did like it when it first came out, I got bored really quickly.

As for ‘Step’, it isn’t anything particularly revolutionary either. But it’s glittery, and it’s fun, and it’s something I’d definitely party to (well in my case it’d be something I’d stay home dancing/lip syncing in front of a mirror to, while the rest of my socially accomplished peers go to a party). It’s guilt-free pop, and not the Ke$ha kind where the music is genuinely terrible. It’s just fun, upbeat, and glittery, basically everything you’d expect from a girl group. And you know what? KARA is a girl group, so they’re doing what they do right. With an upbeat, jazzy instrumental, and light vocals and harmonies to accompany it, ‘Step’ is a definite winner.

I’m not going to go and talk about the group’s vocal prowess, because everyone knows where they lie, so I don’t need to add anything when the girls have already been shredded to bits about it. In the end it all comes down to this: KARA releases decent music. Of course nothing can beat their ‘Break It’ days, but they’re still consistent. And I’ve realised that 5/7 times they don’t let me down.

I’m also going to go and make a confession that may haunt me for the rest of my life. Here it goes.


By the way, 3:09 in the Music Video, you can see references to ‘Mister’, ‘Jumping’, and ‘Pretty Girl’ in the background. Well done DSP, well done.

Also, this is probably more relevant than KARA, but JYJ released the teaser for ‘In Heaven’.

I should probably be more excited over this, but I don’t know… It could be the fact for the past year or so all JYJ has given me is angst and disappointment, or the fact I probably won’t be able to see them on any Music Shows, or because the song is slow and sad and I’m not in the mood for that, but I just can’t bring myself to be hyped over it.

Or maybe it’s because it involves Junsu with ‘female’. Who knows?


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