Wouldn’t it Be Nice if the World Was Chocolat

Not really, but it wouldn’t be too bad either.

So Chocolat made their debut on M!Countdown, and well, for a rookie group which reeked of gimmick, their performance was pretty decent.

Their vocals are a bit unstable at times, and it is evident they’re out of breath, but considering they were one of those rookie groups I expected to fall flat, I’m surprised at the fact their foundation is decent at the moment. Given more experience they could definitely be a competitor worth watching.

That’s if they manage to get a song that isn’t all gimmick and so last year.

Oh dear, I can already see some issues with screen time here. My guess is the Tia girl (the one who’s- um, everywhere) will gain a healthy amount of antis, and the Melanie girl is going to be pimped out on shows and she might even be funny, and I might even laugh. But then I will remember she’s born in 1997 and feel creeped out again.

1997! This is a big deal for me, I mean, I’m pretty young. And the thought of any of these girls calling me ‘Unnie’ kind of makes me shudder to be honest. Am I the only one who feels wrong fangirling over stars who are younger than me? Or even just one year older than me? Is that why I like DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang and MBLAQ, because they’re all relatively older than other idols of this generation? Is that why I can’t seem to get into SHINee? Because Taemin scares me?

Even though the girls performed the song well, the MV is done absolutely terribly. For one, the non-existent colour scheme makes it look messy. The transitions from set to set wasn’t done well, and it looks like the MV was pretty cheap actually. Plus some of the expressions Tia and Melanie do during their closeups make me cringe. They’re so unnatural and forced, it makes me want to look away from the screen. They’re exaggeratedly girly, which isn’t a good thing at all- it’s almost as bad as overdone aegyo. Possibly worse.

I guess it’s too much to expect every rookie group to come out with a absolutely stunning debut song. But in my opinion these groups came pretty close:

1. Into the New World – SNSD
2. Replay – SHINee
3. Lollipop/Fire – 2NE1
4. Hot Issue – 4Minute
5. 10 Points Out Of 10 Points – 2PM

And the worst debut songs by far:

1. Oh Yeah – MBLAQ
2. TWINS – Super Junior
3. Everything else


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