Why ‘She’s a Genius’ was written for Sunny

So every now and then when I have nothing interesting to write, I will pass time by bringing back random insignificant things from the past.

This is one of those random insignificant things.


So on point, Sunny is pretty much a fail dance and vocal wise, but she’s win at generally everything else at life.

I could lie and say I love Sunny because of her vocal potential (which I do think she has), but its been 4 years and that potential simply remains that- a potential. And clearly her ‘untapped talent’ is going to remain untapped, and although she has a beautiful voice, she’s obviously not planning to go anywhere with it. So I’m not going to go around beating a dead horse. I love Sunny because even though she’s all cutesy and serves no evident purpose in her group, when it comes to wrestling the leaders of certain other girl groups *ahem*Kahi*ahem*, she wins at life.

I am in love. Look at her, acting all precious during the first two rounds. Then the last round comes, and once Sunny catches any scent of her prey beginning to falter, that bitch will attack. And attack she did. Kahi had no chance.

And with that side of Kahi, Sunny is eating chicken for dinner.

Invincible Youth was her bitch, the girls on that show were wrapped around Sunny’s finger. She owned that show, plus she made all the other female idols want to cower back to their Princess towers. Except for Hyomin, who was like Sunny’s hilarious sidekick.

Sunny doesn’t need to be able to sing and dance well for me to love her, all she has to do is continue being bamf.


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