Things that I wasted time thinking about this week

1. Lee Joon is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite member of MBLAQ. I’m trying not to overthink why too much, because it’ll just give me a headache and will result in me replaying the music video for ‘Y’ again and again and again (and we’ve all gotten over that phase.)

Anyway, reasons why I like him include:

  • he’s hot
  • he’s really hot
  • he tries hard to make people around him laugh
  • he has this charisma on shows, which includes (but is not limited to) compromising his dignity on a regular basis.

Reasons why I want to punch him in the face include:

  • he knows he’s hot
  • he knows he’s really hot
  • the above makes him significantly less hot and just sleazy
  • he tries hard
  • he’s only a bit of a skeez

I was really liking Joon’s new look for Mona Lisa- it made him look genuinly handsome and good looking. The kind of guy who has all the sophistication and dignity of say, a class president- while still being Mr. Popular in his spare time. Obviously the look does not translate to reality:

Sometimes I wonder how far idols will go in order to please the crowd. There are some idols who have mastered the art of completely degrading themselves whilst still making it look natural. Lee Joon is not one of these idols.

Still, his blatant try-hardism at variety is rather endearing, and it is one of the reasons he’s my MBLAQ bias. I just wish he wouldn’t carry this tendency onto the stage, because sometimes I feel like he’s compromising his performances in order to look good, or flash his abs to maximum efficiency.

Meanwhile, my actual bias Seungho is being adorable and babying his little maknaes.

2. The Social Network is one of my favourite movies of the year (or last year, shut up, I’m late). I’ve rewatched it three times already, and it still gets me in all the right parts. The directing is genius, the dialogue striking, and the cover of Creep they used in the trailer is making its way to my most played on my iTunes.

I was originally really skeptical about the film, for one, its premise was sort of tedious. A film about a bunch of over-ambitious college kids suing each other didn’t exactly seem major motion picture worthy to me. But somehow, it just works. And it works so well, I’m considering dedicating half this blog to Eduardo’s suave.

Also, I’m such a mature and sophisticated person, that I absolutely do not ship Mark/Eduardo. Not at all.

3. Props to YG for promoting Hate You as 2NE1’s new Japanese Single. It saves them all the time and money of having to go and film a separate Promotional Video for the song, since the original MV consisted of no lip syncing and just evil bishie bashing. Hence, it makes sense for them to promote Hate You instead of Lonely or I Am The Best and waste thousands of dollars on an expensive set and another thousand on the props (and the proto props I suspect 2NE1 practiced smashing pre-filming). Either that or they’ve realised the appeal Hate You’s bi-shounen antagonist may have on the Japanese market.

Minzy’s teaser came out today, and it looks like they mellowed the song down a bit. And man, does Minzy sound good. Though I still think putting out teasers for the Japanese version of the song is a little unnecessary, especially since the visual aspect of the song itself (the MV) won’t be altered at all.

4. Mr. Simple’s MV has been released, and it’s shot very well. It’s nothing innovative on SM’s part, but it’s pretty to look at.

I actually really love the choreography for this, especially during the verses. I have a suspicion that the chorus is choreographed by Heechul in order to provide minimum movement. But the rest of the dance is so fly. Admittedly the dance break wasn’t too impressive, but I’m loving the fact Sungmin is back in the line up. They kicked out Shindong though D: *curses dance!Kyu*

Yesung and Donghae look absolutely amazing. For Donghae, this is just another day in his non-2005 life, but this is some amazing progress for Yesung. Seriously, I remember back when Yesung was this awkward looking kid whose appearance everyone made fun of and I was like ‘aaw, come to Ree and let me feed you and bias you and make humiliating gifs out of you my YeBB’. And now look at him:

and now everyone likes him. get out of my scene!

As for the live performances, they’ve improved a lot! Seriously, the consistent vocalists are staying consistent and the inconsistent ones are improving. Granted, Mr. Simple isn’t a very hard song to sing at all, but considering how weak most some of these guys were during Bonamana, this is a huge improvement. Especially Donghae, he’s on pitch, not out of breath, clear and actually following the melody now. I remember back in my ‘Mr. Simple’ album review, I not so subtly took a jab at Donghae for being prioritized in terms of vocals when he essentially couldn’t deliver them live. I take back what I said now, hes improved a lot and he’s deserving of what he gets- and I can now say he has my favourite voice in the band with pride. Of course, we’ll see how he goes attempting to sing a bit more vocally demanding songs, but for now I remain impressed. You go, Donghae!

All in all, they’ve all improved (even Heechul, a bit. He needs to start giving a shit about the choreography though) and it really does show in the overall performance. There are no awkward gaps in the performances where someones gasping for breath and whatnot. It’s a shame they really pulled up near the end of their career only, but at least it happened.

I absolutely love Superman. Heck, I’m going to follow their performances just for Superman- Yesung and Ryeowook in particular sound amazing in it. As does Donghae’s rap. Superman is just an amazing song to perform as an opening, its strong, cocky, and even has a dose of fanservice for the KyuMin and YeWook shippers.

5. Junsu in Scent of a Woman was really hard to watch- but I loved it anyway. My shallowness deserves an award, seriously (how else am I managing to look forward to SiHae’s Extravagant Challenge?). Acting aside, his OST song was gorgeous. I have this incredible bias for Junsu’s voice itself, so this is just the best thing I’ve heard this week. I completely adore it.

In all honesty, I was expecting a typical boring OST ballad that you couldn’t tell apart from any other OST ballad. I’m so glad it wasn’t, the instrumental is absolutely gorgeous and the melody is distinct enough for me to not pass this of as just another ballad song. Never stop being amazing Junsu, please.


2 thoughts on “Things that I wasted time thinking about this week

  1. How can you love Yesung so much too!!!
    haha happy that he has more fans now, but IM SO JEALOUS cause i cant have him for myself! (Being obsessive over here)

    Hes like so awesome!
    I loved him really long ago when I listened to him sing adlibs. Then, I just cant take my eyes off him.
    Him being more handsome, pretty, beautiful etc etc is like just one wonderful add on for me.

    Oh did I mention that hes sexy too?

    • Pfsh, please girl, I’ve been stanning Yesung since back in ’08 when his face was still greasy looking.
      But joking aside, I’m glad Yesung has more fans now too :) I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more fans, he’s a great singer, he has an unique personality, and he was gotten good looking over the years ;P

      Seriously. I think Yesung is one of those people who just get attractive with age. I can’t wait until he’s 30. Yum ;P haha, Yesung fans rejoice.

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